This is Freedom House.

You're safe now.
Launching March 22nd: Refugees Need Legal Representation Campaign

Because of Freedom House Detroit’s FreedomAids legal aid program, many clients have experienced the pure elation of a grant of asylum or other protection. “Now I can breathe free. I don’t have to worry,” reflected one client when he received the news of his asylum grant. The feeling of relief is common–finally, safety is permanent.

We're Hiring: Resident Services Lead

The Resident Services Lead position co-supervises the department, its staff, and its programs. This position is responsible for all resident services, program development, ensuring all programs meet funder requirements, and supervision and guidance of all site staff, under the strategic vision of the CEO.

We're Hiring: Social Services Director

The Social Services Director position manages the social services department and its staff and programs. This position is responsible for program development, ensuring all programs meet funder requirements and supervision and guidance of all case management and counseling staff under the strategic vision of the CEO.

Our Mission
Support and empower refugees, asylum seekers, and others seeking humanitarian protection on their journey to safety, security, and freedom by providing comprehensive services in an inclusive and welcoming space.
Allida Black
Ph.D., Managing Director, The Allenswood Group LLC

“Freedom House Detroit is brave, just, and committed. It offers a safe, welcoming and healing space to those who have risked their lives for justice — and stands beside them as they address their legal, physical, psycho-social, and employment needs. It is incomparable and needed more everyday.”

Frank Mugisha
Executive Director, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)

“First of all, I like the work of Freedom House because I have traveled around quite, quite a lot, and I think it’s extraordinary what I’ve seen. They do this for especially people who are vulnerable, people who need support in countries that are not their own. So it’s very remarkable.”

Susan Reed
Managing Attorney, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center

“What Freedom House does meets a critical need in the state and the nation both in terms of the services they provide and the spirit they represent. At a time in our history when America’s promise to so many is being broken, Freedom House is working hard to keep it. Thank you, Freedom House!”