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People Seeking Family Reunification/Making a Refugee Claim in Canada*: click here
*Please note: Due to the volume of inquires, Freedom House has implemented an online system and will
not respond 
to phone or email inquiries for our Canada Program. Please fill out the form at the above link
to see if you qualify.



 Deb Deborah Drennan, Executive Director, ext. 11
 Clair Clairissa Scheiderer, Staff Attorney, ext. 16
 TJ Thomas "TJ" Rogers, Program Manager, ext. 18
 Za Zaini Koffi Itito, Shelter & Client Services Manager, ext. 10
  Erin McDonald, MSW, Case Manager, ext. 14
  Rachel Gallagher, MSW, Case Manager, ext. 12
  Sardou Sabeyo-Yonta, Evening/Overnight Coordinator, ext. 21
 Mike Mike Byzewski, Driver
  Henry K., Weekend Coordinator
  Ian Murakami, Accounting and Finance Coordinator


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