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Training & Consultation

Training: Teaching professionals how to engage with survivors of persecution

Often, professional school curricula and business training focus on the technical aspects of the profession rather than the array of human needs those professionals will encounter. This training gap can leave new and veteran professionals ill-equipped to address their clients’ and patients’ needs.

Asylum seekers, refugees, and survivors of persecution present a set of unique challenges to the team of professionals serving them. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, social workers, and others may be confronted by different customs, languages, and unheard of trauma.

To help fill that learning gap, Freedom House Detroit offers a training session tailored to the needs of your organization or professional school. We’ll orient you to the human side of your technical education: the patterns of behavior that result from the physical and emotional trauma of persecution and how those can impact your work; the legal process for asylum seekers and how that plays out in your clients’ lives; how the Freedom House Detroit model of care works; and other pertinent issues related to these special populations.

Consultation: Delivering issue-area expertise to thinkers, policy makers, and journalists

Journalists, elected officials, and activists often need issue-area experts to provide context for whatever current event is unfolding. While the Internet is teeming with information, some fact, some opinion, some not grounded in any firsthand knowledge or experience, Freedom House Detroit offers 35 years of issue-area expertise.

As global conflict cools in one place and heats in another, as global social and cultural norms progress and stagnate, Freedom House Detroit feels the ripple effect. Certainly our years of experience and minute-to-minute interactions with our clients inform our expertise. But, we also stay informed and engaged with the broader immigration field by collaborating with other groups, including:

American Immigration Lawyers Association, Asylum Committee
City of Detroit Immigration Task Force
LGBT Freedom and Asylum Network
Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (MCIRR)
UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, Washington, DC Office
University of Michigan Asylum Collaborative

For local, state, and national media outlets, Freedom House Detroit has often been a source for understanding the plight of asylum seekers and how to best serve them. For links to these stories, please click here. Our work has also inspired nonprofit entrepreneurs from around the country to learn firsthand about our model of care, so they can develop similar organizations back home. In addition, the UNHCR’s DC Office references our model of care as an alternative to detention.

If you would like to arrange a training or consultation session, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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