"When you work at Freedom House Detroit, you see the impact of your work everyday. For people in need of humanitarian protection, this House is not only a refuge, it's a new beginning and a path to safety and independence. Freedom House saves lives."
- Teresa Duhl, staff member since 2019 and supporter since 2012
Social Services Manager
The Social Services Manager position manages the social services department and its staff and programs. This position is responsible for program development, ensuring all programs meet funder requirements and supervision and guidance of all case management and counseling staff under the strategic vision of the CEO. For a full description, please click "Apply."
Volunteer Opportunities
House Meeting Interpreters
House Meetings are a primary tool of communication between staff and clients. They occur every other Tuesday. The House Meeting Interpreter Role is open to the general public. Please click "Register" for more information.
Adopt a Party
Each party brings our House together. These rituals offer respite from the uncertainty of the future and create a positive, shared experience among clients. Recruiting family and friends to help you is a terrific way to share the joy of this experience. If this is your first party adoption, please view this slideshow. When you’re ready to sign-up, click on the “Get Started” link or use the link provided in the slideshow.
FreedomCares Scholars & Volunteers (by invitation only)
This opportunity is open only to participants of Freedom House Detroit's FreedomCares Program. This program is by invitation only. Participants should click "Register" to fill-out their onboarding paperwork and service hours log.
Board of Directors
Current Directors should click "Register" to fill-out their onboarding paperwork and service hours log. Interested in becoming a board member? Please contact us at volunteer@freedomhousedetroit.org.