FreedomLives provides a safe home, food, clothing, and internet access for clients for up to two years. Our community house is the foundation of all of our other programming. When clients are ready to move out, this program provides housing relocation literacy and services. On average, 85% of Freedom House’s residents exit the program into independent housing.
Freedom Lives
Freedom Aids
FreedomAids provides a trained legal representative to guide clients through the protection process–coordinating evidence collection; representing clients at official proceedings; preparing clients for asylum interviews and other procedural appointments; and petitioning for employment authorization--a critical step to independence and income security. Asylum seekers with legal representation are at least two times more likely to be granted asylum than those without it, according to the US Government Accountability Office.
FreedomWorks connects clients to a variety of service providers and businesses to deliver acculturative pre-employability training--including English as Second Language classes, developing a resume, learning to job search, volunteer experiences, and formal education or certification programs. On average, 85% of clients exit with jobs.
Freedom Works
FreedomCares provides access to medical care and mental health care, so clients can begin to address the traumas of persecution, torture, and loss. Approximately 70% of clients, women and men, are survivors of torture that typically includes sexual assault. These trauams often result in chronic health issues. Clients face a significant health care barrier because they do not qualify for most mainstream benefits. Freedom House partners with health providers who can provide low- to no-cost services.
Freedom Cares
Freedom Talks
A resource for groups seeking global perspectives, experiential education, and issue expertise. Freedom House Detroit staff and ambassadors lead live, cross-cultural discussions that meet the needs of each audience.